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Self Catering Houses for All Occasions

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House on the Brooks    

Four Bedrooms   Four Bathrooms   Sleeps Twelve

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the House and gardens overlooking a bird sanctuary with landscape views across the Brooks, towards the South Downs. House on the Brooks has four themed double bedrooms, all with individual en suite bathrooms.


The house wlcomes you with Champagne and chocolates, and a cupboard with essentials, and Wi-Fi. 15 minutes from Goodwood.  House on the Brooks is just 60 minutes from Central London and Heathrow and 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport.





The Timber Barn
The Mill House

The Boat Room

The main feature of the nautical themed Boat Room, is a traditional clinker-built, wooden boat. One half sits proudly on the wall above the luxurious king sized bed, as the other half has becomes the opulent bath in the adjoining en suite bathroom.

The Indian Room

The exotically themed double-height Indian room is abundant with spiritual and physical energy. Its sensuous, rich ornamentations will take you back to the days of the Raj.

The Arts and Crafts Room

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement that flourished internationally in the late 19th century. A pause from the rush into industrialism, the Celtic and ‘back to nature’ inspiration of the movement loved the connection between artisan and material.

The Classic Room

This majestic room has the pre-revolutionary luxury of Paris at its most expressive and romantic. The double-height room features a pair of striking Art Nouveau castings, which only distract momentarily from the delightful view through your French doors.

Three Self Catering Houses on one Estate.  

House on the Brooks

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12


The Saxon Hall

At the heart of the house is the large, Saxon-inspired communal hall. Open to the roof rafters, and with moving views of the South Downs from the French doors, you can entertain your guests at the regal dining table, or recline in luxury on the sofas in the living area.

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House on the Brooks
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