Covid 19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy

For bookings after 1st April 2020


Our Covid booking policy is to enable guest's flexibility in the event of continued or new restriction which does not enable us to be open for your stay. To be clear if this does happen, we prefer guests to defer the value of their booking to another date. If this is not possible or does not suit then we offer a full refund without deduction.


Please do ask if you have any questions or concerns prior to your stay. We have posted links to the relevant government websites to enable clients to check the most up to date legislation.


Currently the large size of some of our properties enable us to be compliant, under the "compliant property legislation" and with the welfare and safety of our guests as a primary concern.


Guests do not have to meet or come into contact with anyone outside their own group.


We will enable seamless check-in and check-out.

There will be a paper register for your guests to fill in when they arrive to comply with law relating to traceability.

There will be hand sanitiser and risk assessment easily available.

In properties which are large enough to be covid compliant, and so enabled to have more than one group of six. It is essential for the group leader to assign tolilets and bathrooms to guest bubbles or groups.

Each bedroom in the larger houses has bathroom and toilet particular to the bedroom user.  

To be a covid compliant building, groups must not share bathroom or toilet. If this does happen the bathroom or toilet should be thoroughly disinfected between users.

Groups must be careful to establish their group of six and not fraternise or eat within a meter of another group. This both inside and outside.  

Guests should not share towels.

Windows and doors should be left open as much as possible.

In corridors which have multiple group usage, as in the case of a permitted party or group, where it is not possible to be more than 1 meter away from a member of another group or bubble, then masks should be worn.  

Guests are encouraged to sanitise their hands on entry.

Guests must fill in the paper contact register.

Guests are encouraged to sanitise tolilets/bathrooms and kitchen throughout their stay.

Guests who have symptoms of Covid must not enter the building.

Before departure guests should strip their beds and put linen in the green bags provided.

Before departure guests are asked to leave their towels in the bathroom or bedroom.

Before departure guests are asked to leave rubbish in bin bags outside the house. Bottles and cans to be kept separate.    


Current government guidance states that private rooms in all indoor accommodation with en suite showering facilities, or one designated shower facility per guest room, will be able to reopen. Shared toilet facilities can also be opened. If shared toilet and shower facilities are in the same room, guests are able to use the toilet but can only use the shower if it is assigned to one household or support bubble or run using a reservation and clean rota. Dormitory rooms will be closed (except where housing parties from the same household or support bubble), as will other indoor shared facilities (e.g. guest kitchens or TV rooms where social distancing cannot be observed). Outdoor accommodation (i.e. campsites) will be allowed to reopen shared showering facilities, as long as they are operated in the manner set out below.


Meetings of up to 30 people indoors are allowed in permitted venues if social distancing can be maintained and the venue can demonstrate it has followed the COVID-19 guidance.


From 15 August guidance that receptions and other celebrations for weddings and civil partnerships should not take place will no longer apply. Receptions and celebrations may take place in the form of a sit-down meal, but only where they can be done in a COVID-19 secure environment/venue, and we advise there should be no more than 30 people attending. See further guidance on wedding and civil partnerships receptions and celebration


Hotels and other guest accommodation includes: income generating accommodation for example, hostels, motels, inns, pubs, student accommodation (when it is used as a hotel or guest accommodation, for example during a conference), holiday parks, B&B’s, short term serviced accommodation and similar letting, guest houses, caravans, boats including for holiday hire and hotels, sleeper trains, yurts, chalets, campsites and caravans.


Covid regulations govern  guests accommodation. If guests can comply with these rules we are pleased to assure them our houses are separate and isolated. We have a good Covid cleaning policy and have compliant buildings.  

Accommodation is required for work purposes or to provide voluntary services

The guest is unable to return to their main residence, it may be subject to a long let for example.

Accommodation is required because of a house move

Accommodation is required because of home improvements

Accommodation is required to attend a funeral

Accommodation is required in order to self isolate

Accommodation is required in order to accompany a child for either school or care purposes

Accommodation is required for an elite athlete


For self isolation on return from a foreign country a 10 day minimum stay is mandatory unless test to release is performed. (exception is travellers from South Africa who must isolate for 10 days)

Under certain circumstances accommodation maybe provided for diplomats and their families, and for bona-fide work reasons or for isolation for people in the following professions:

Advertising productions, Aerospace engineers, Aircraft pilots and crew, BBC broadcasting transmission network and services, Border security duties - UK officials and contractors, Border security duties - non-UK officials and contractors, Bus and coach drivers, Business directors bringing jobs and investment to the UK, Channel Tunnel system workers, Civil aviation inspectors, Clinical trials or studies, Crown servants or government contractors, Data infrastructure maintenance,  Defence personnel, visiting forces and government contractors,  Diplomatic missions, international organisations and conferences, Downstream oil facility workers, Drivers of goods vehicles, Electronic communications networks, Elite sportspersons - international, Elite sportspersons - domestic, New domestic elite sportspersons, Environment Agency relating to flood and coastal erosion risk management,Eurostar International workers,Eurotunnel workers, Government contractors - the conduct of negotiations, High-speed rail workers, International prison escorts, IT and telecoms workers, Journalists, Medical treatment,  Medicines - human and veterinary, National Lottery, Network Rail workers  Nuclear personnel  Nuclear emergency responder  Offshore oil and gas workers  Offshore oil and gas   OPCW and IAEA inspectors   Performing arts professionals   Postal workers   Quality assurance inspectors for human and veterinary medicines  Persons with Regular work abroad  Registered health or care professionals  Regular work in the UK, living abroad  Representatives of a foreign country or territory or British overseas territories  Seamen and masters and inspectors and surveyors of ships  Seasonal agricultural workers  Seasonal poultry workers    Specialist technical workers - sub-sea telecommunications infrastructure  Specialist technical workers - goods   Specialist technical workers - waste   Specialist technical workers - power infrastructure  Specialist technical workers - space infrastructure  Television production  High-end television production and film  Transiting airside through the UK  Transporting human cells or blood  Water supplies and sewerage services worker













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