Our sustainability promise


House on the Brooks spaces have nature as inspiration. We were born here. Our thoughts of inter-generational equity are our deep seated philosophy.  Leave the earth and your community in a better state than you found it.  Our ethos is to re-cycle from the build stage to the clearing of the party. We dig ponds, plant trees and have a small flock of forty Soay sheep on the farm.  The Soay breed is listed in "Category 4: At Risk" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. We support The Barn Owl Trust, actively participate in their environment creation scheme and The River Trust helping to protect, promote and enhance river eco systems for the benefit of people , flora and fauna. Developing bespoke environmental projects to work with the community.


Community and sense of it is vital. Those who choose to celebrate their friends and family in our special spaces, strengthen their community. We encorage guests to celebrate with the bounty of local food and wine and with a seasonal menu. We can introduce local venues, chefs, and local produce.













The built for purpose House on the Brooks is an opulent fusion of the old and the new: the purpose built houses  have double height Saxon-inspired central hall, the exposed roof beams and classic interior design are all reminiscent of times gone by. Re-claimed or second hand materials have been used wherever possible, massive railway bridging timbers used in the construction, re-claimed old clay tiles on the roof, beside ancient Jali screens from India or wonderful old antique doors all have been collected and assembled to give a unique atmosphere.  

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Marvel in the splendor each morning with daily hikes, our commitment to the earth can be felt. We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the planet, We incorportae sustainable practices into our company at every opportunity.

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